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Namibia is considered one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in Africa. Friendly people, an excellent climate and a diverse flora and fauna are just some of the many reasons for booking a Namibia tour with CM Travels. Starting at $ 8’050 per person, you can experience a one-of-a-kind trip that adds real adventure feeling. Ask for an individual offer now!

A Namibia tour is always worthwhile
A Namibia tour with CM Travels takes you to the Skeleton Coast, which reaches from Swakopmund to the Kunene, the border river to the north of Angola. With an age of up to 1.5 billion years, the beautiful skeleton coast is one of the oldest landscape formations on earth. Other stops on your Namibia tour include the Hoanib River, which is home to one of the last desert elephant settlements, and the Ongave Game Reserve. Here you can enjoy endless landscapes with unusual animals and be enchanted by an overwhelming starry sky. During your Namibia tour with CM Travels you will stay in luxury accommodation. You’ll experience spectacular sunrises and see wildlife travel past the hotel a short distance away.

Off to the desert: The Namib beckons with spectacular landscapes.
The name “Namibia” derives from the Namib Desert, which impresses travellers with unique natural landscapes. The oldest desert in the world is an Eldorado for adventurers from all over the world. The orange Namib Desert is famous for its dunes, which are made of pure quartz sand and intensively change their colors depending on the position of the sun and its moisture content. Particularly noteworthy are “dune 45” and “big daddy”. In some places, the dunes tower up to 300 meters into the sky – a truly spectacular sight. If you go on a Namibia tour with us, you should always have your camera handy! Another “must-see” on every Namibia tour is the Sossusvlei. The beige, sand-dunes enclosed salt-clay pan (“Vlei”) makes a first-class photo opportunity and is one of the scenic highlights of the Namib-Naukluft-Park.

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