Ultimate Escapes: Our Most Coveted Adventures

The Emperor Penguin Colony and South Pole Adventures

Embark on an odyssey to Antarctica’s frozen realm, where nature’s grandeur unfolds in pristine whites. Amidst this icy wonderland, a mesmerizing spectacle awaits; as you stand in awe, the regal guardians of the ice kingdom grace your path. Witness the majesty of emperor penguins, finding inspiration in their resilience and unity. In this frozen sanctuary, discover untamed beauty and the power of harmony.

Please enquire about the best bespoke experience.

Jaguar – Brazil – nature– Pantanal – photography
Jaguar Safari

Jaguars have long captivated our imaginations. Their power and stealth mean they are the Apex predator in a habitat surrounded by Caiman and Giant Anacondas. 

7 days – Please enquire about the best bespoke experience.

Includes accommodation, airport transfers, private guide, boat safaris, land safaris, and meals during the tour. 

Family holiday Cape Town & Timbavati Private Game Reserve

Experience Cape Town’s Wonder with Your Family. Embrace the Bush Family at Timbavati Game Reserve, Witness Africa’s Majestic Big 5.

Craft your family’s legacy amidst the enchantment of Cape Town, South Africa. Immerse yourselves in the embrace of the bush family at Timbavati Game Reserve, where Africa’s magnificent Big 5 roam.

Investment for a Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children under 12): Discover the tailored luxury of your personalized journey.

Inclusions – 3 Nights of Accommodation in Captivating Cape Town & 3 Nights in Timbavati’s Wilderness.

Elevate Your Legacy

Tiger Safari – 3 Nights

Venture into India’s wild embrace, where ancient mysteries and vibrant colors paint the canvas of your soul. Amidst the shadows of sacred lands, behold a majestic spectacle; as amber eyes meet yours, time stands still. In the realm of untamed beauty, encounter the untamed grace of tigers, and let their untold stories awaken the wanderer within.

Please enquire about the best bespoke experience.

Your accommodation and wildlife viewing experiences are included.

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Gorillas and Masai Mara

Witnessing the Greatest Show on Earth with Gorilla Trekking the ultimate African Safari experience.

2 Nights Bwindi and 3 Nights Maasai Mara exclusive mobile camp – Please enquire about the best bespoke experience.

Private vehicle and guide.

Exquisite Cape Town and Timbavati Private Game Reserve

3 nights in the picturesque city of Cape Town to enjoy all of its magical attractions. Followed by a 3-night stay in the Timbavati Game Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park.

Price – Please enquire about the best bespoke experience.

Includes 3 nights accommodation in Cape Town and 3 Nights accommodation in Timbavati Private Game Reserve.

Full board, including local brand drinks, two game drives per day and optional bush walks in Timbavati. 


Embark on an Unforgettable Odyssey through the Enchanting Galapagos Archipelago. Delve into 5 Full Days of Exploration in this Extraordinary Destination. Stand Witness to the Birthplace of Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory.

Investment – Contact Us for Personalized Pricing

Inquire now and unveil our Complete 10-Day Tour, a Journey of Discovery.

Unlock the Unseen

Elevate Your Experience. Embrace the Elite.

Welcome to CM Travels, where we redefine the art of travel like timepieces of distinction. Just as luxury watches epitomize elegance and precision, we curate journeys that elevate your travel experience.

For discerning adventurers who appreciate the finer details, our signature trips, akin to Rolex designs, offer a seamless blend of luxury and exploration. Immerse yourself in bespoke itineraries, handcrafted to perfection, and create timeless memories.

For those seeking the pinnacle of refinement and exclusivity, our premium voyages, inspired by the allure of Phillip Patek timepieces, transcend expectations. Experience the epitome of luxury, where every element is meticulously designed to reflect your unique taste and style.

At CM Travels, we don’t just plan trips; we curate horological journeys that celebrate the artistry of time and travel. Join us as we set the standard for extraordinary adventures, where every moment is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and sophistication.

Claudia and Murray Forbes, CM Travels Co-Founders – Pledge.

Awards: Two Time Wildlife Experience of the Year

Rhino Conservation Safari South Africa – Marataba

Rhino monitoring and management is a core function of Marataba’s conservation team. Join us on a fully interactive rhino-focused safari and get involved with elective procedures like rhino notching.


cm travels - wildlife experience of the year

Fly greener with CM Travels

Tons of CO2e off set supporting Lacandon - Forest for life

Proudly Carbon Neutral, supporters of Travellers Against Plastic, members of the Adventure Trade Travel Association and Swiss Travel Association, and we also plan, coordinate, and execute, amazing wildlife travel that is tailored by you for your personalized travel experience.


Funding Scholarships either directly or in partnership with our operators.

Recording and offsetting carbon through our carbon credit partners.

Through your travel with us, a percentage of your stay goes towards conservation efforts that protect wilderness areas.

With Claudia and Murray's help we really created a unique opportunity to see the amazing wildlife we had dreamed of. We highly recommend their advice on any trip!
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