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Embark on an extraordinary 13-day odyssey to Hemis National Park, where the enigmatic Snow Leopards reign supreme. This elite expedition begins in New Delhi, whisking you away to the captivating capital of Ladakh, Leh, nestled amidst the stunning high-altitude desert. As a select group, you’ll indulge in guided walking tours of Leh town, and then the adventure reaches new heights with a thrilling trek to Zingchen Gorge, the gateway to the Snow Leopard’s exclusive territory.

For five exclusive days, immerse yourself in the rare privilege of searching for these elusive big cats, guided by seasoned experts and surrounded by breathtaking, untouched landscapes. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime homestay in the remote village of Rumbak, where conservation efforts come alive. This extraordinary journey culminates with a return to New Delhi, leaving you with cherished memories of an elite encounter with the regal Snow Leopards of Hemis—a true testament to the artistry of time and travel.

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