The Pantanal is a lost world. Full of Jaguar and Giant Antbear.
Nowhere else in Brazil can you experience the wildlife so closely.

Our main destination for wildlife viewing is the Northern Pantanal. Viewing wildlife along the transpanteria road is a truly magical experience. The diversity of wildlife is something to behold. At the end of this road lies the gateway to the Meeting of the Waters National Park. With our experienced guides you will have the best opportunity to view these amazing big cats. Due to a connected eco tourism mind set between the different tour operators they have created a safe space for both Jaguar and client alike. The boats are naturally restricted to the river so if the Jaguar feels like he/she is wanting to retreat back into the forest they can. 

The boats use a radio system to alert other boats of Jaguar and other wildlife sightings. This communication process allows most of the guests to enjoy the same sightings. The team work greatly increases your chances of seeing these elusive and normally shy big cats.  

Let yourself be enchanted by the Taiamá Reserve on the Paraguay River. This is another key area to find and photograph Jaguar and other wildlife. As it is less developed than other areas in the Pantanal, it can be a place to enjoy just to yourselves. Meaning you are viewing jaguars with no one else around.

We bring you to the best place in Brazil to find the Maned Wolf – Emas National Park. It is a savannah habitat perfect for the wolves that call it home.  Gorgeous bird species and other wildlife make this area special for all interests and a great combo itinerary with Jaguar viewing. 

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