Meet Claudia & Murray

“We first met on a magical safari and got hitched pretty quickly after that”, says Murray, when asked how they first met. This unique and driven couple hopes to share their own experiences with you by offering you personalized and unique travel ideas.

Claudia tells us more, “Finding special places where you leave feeling like you would like to return is the key to our destinations!”.

They both share a love for the outdoors and the wonders of nature. They began their bucket list adventures by creating trips based on different animal species. Claudia has 20 years of travel experience and Murray worked as a safari guide in the Sabi Sands area in South Africa and spent his youth in the wilds of Southern Africa. This combination of travel experience and practice on the ground knowledge provides for personal and bespoke service to ensure that your experience will be unforgettable.

“The destinations are also places that make the animals the first priority”, “By showing you that even when we have long gone the animals still remain, we are there to observe not disturb these amazing creatures”, says the pair, “helping to protect and give back to these places ensures there survival for future generations”, “It’s so much more than just travel!”

The following projects are supported:

Personal – Saving the Giants

WWF, Greenpeace, Jane Goodall Foundation, Animal Aid Unlimited, vier Pfoten, Pan Eco, Dog Care
Clinic e.v, Global Giving

Sonia and Simon

Indonesian Trip:

CM Travels created the perfect tour which made all the difference! We would be thrilled to return! 

Clients – nature– wildlife– photography
Clients –Family – nature– wildlife – photography

Manuela and Family – South Africa

Cape Town and Family Safari.

An overwhelming sense of happiness when staring up at the night sky in South Africa. Our Ranger was fantastic, knowledgeable, and passionate. We saw the big 5 and the highlight has to be a pack of Painted Wolves making a kill!

Clients – CM Travels – wildlife– nature– photography

Daniela and Christian from their India Trip:

U N I Q U E! 

W O W! 

A W E S O M E!

Flavia and Remo – Southern Africa & Indonesia

We got great travel advice from CM Travels, but the recommendation to go to MalaMala near the wonderful Kruger National Park in South Africa was definitely one of the best! We were absolutely thrilled by the facilities, the people and of course the flora and fauna. The wildlife was out of this world (Big Five included). The memories of our trip will always be associated with CM Travels and we will definitely be going back!

On our second tour with CM Travels they mentioned The island of Flores in Indonesia. It was a real secret spot. Previously we had not heard of it, the advice from CM Travels for the fire and flame tour was an great adventure. In addition to the fantastic impressions that this trip offered us, the “Dragons” on Komodo were a highlight! In addition, the Island of Flores was not overrun by tourists and its native inhabitants fascinated us. Such tips can only be obtained from experienced travellers like Murray and Claudia.

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