Day 1:
Leave on a scheduled flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez. You will be collected in a clean and comfortable 4×4 vehicle and transferred 20 minutes to your lodge. The drive is an adventure in itself and we are almost sure you will begin to spot the local wildlife. We saw many birds and even a troop of Howler monkeys.

Depending on your time of arrival we encourage you to take part in the inclusive activities of the lodge. A afternoon bird tour or Waterfall trek through the private reserve that the lodge is part of. If you are feeling up to it there is also a night walk where you can find snakes, frogs, spiders and if you really lucky an ocelot.

Day 2:
Rise with the birds as the smell of and salt water fills your nostrils and the calls of the Scarlet Macaws wake you to this tropical paradise. A gentle knock on your door will signal the arrival of your coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Sit and enjoy the sunrise over the Golfo Dulce and be amazed by the sounds of the forest.

On offer today is a early morning bird and wildlife tour. Accompanied by the local guides who tell you the stories of the forest. Head back for a hearty and well deserved breakfast. Enjoy a hiking trail during mid morning or kick back by the pool depending on your tastes. The wildlife is often found wondering through the lodge grounds so even by the pool you can spot the Toucans, Monkeys and Agoutis.

Lunch is served from 12-2pm.

Afternoons can be hot depending on the time of year that you are traveling but there is always a afternoon trek for birds and wildlife. You can also take the time to head down to the beach. A evening walk is encouraged as this is when the wildlife and birds begin to become active again.

Dinner around candle lights and a cold drink to end the day is what we recommend.

Day 3-4:
As you settle in we encourage you to enjoy all of the activities the lodge has to offer. This is one of National Geographic’s Unique lodges of the world. It is set up on the hill, nestled into the forest which is part of its own private reserve. They have a full guiding team ready to assist you with all your wildlife and birding needs.

Day 5:
Head out on your early morning excursion after enjoying coffee on your deck. The wildlife will be coming to life so you won’t want to miss out on your early morning excursion. There are usually three different times to fly out – early morning, mid morning and after lunch. Fly back to San Jose and enjoy your onward journey.

If you are wanting to extend your stay we would be happy to create a suggested itinerary.

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Price: Packages

From the 15th April to 19th December there is a 3 night and get the 4th night free offer.

Enquire with us to the best current rates as the prices vary seasonally. You can do this with the booking form at the bottom of our page or email us on



3 Multi-Course Meals per day; Non-Alcoholic Drinks, 1 round trip Puerto Jimenez – Lodge transfer, and all on-site Guided Tours. There are 5 tours offered everyday with a personal guide. They range in length and difficulty.

We encourage you to get hold of us for the best deal at a the time as we will do our best to get you find something that fits your budget.

Given the remoteness of the lodge, we recommend staying at least 4 to 5 nights in order to fully take advantage of the wide variety of Rainforest activities on offer.

Family Packages are also on offer.

We have been very fortunate to recently travel to this amazing destination. It was our desire to see some of the famed feline jungle cats – Ocelots, Margays and even Jaguarundi. Did we find theses elusive cats?

NO. They eluded us this time but we will be back. 

Why would we tell you this. Well we are honest travellers and outfitters and sometimes things don’t go to plan. What we did find was a hidden gem where people are continuing the conservation of this incredibly bio diverse eco system which is so delicate.

This is a short and sweet itinerary that takes to you to the Osa-Peninsula on the south western coast line. It is a place far away from the hustle and bustle of the Caribbean coast which has far more tourists. It still has vestiges of old forest where Tapirs, jaguars and puma live. It is an easy 45 minute flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez where you are collected and transferred to your lodge.

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