CM Travels | Canada | Kayaking at floe edge

The Canadian Arctic is one of the most unique and spectacular places on the planet. A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, the Arctic gives us the opportunity to see polar bears, walrus, whales and much more. It’s also home to the world’s greatest natural phenomenon, including glaciers, icebergs and the renowned Northern Lights. The Arctic is a true must-see destination for all travellers seeking a unique adventure.

Explore the Arctic Town of Churchill. View the amazing wildlife from the comfort of a Tundra Buggy or, for the more adventurous, jump aboard a Zodiac to snorkel with Beluga whales and maybe capture that perfect Polar Bear eye level photo from the boat.

Capture the unique moments between mother polar bears and their newly emerged youngsters in early spring. An opportunity afforded only to the few.

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CM Travels | Canada | AK_WHAL01_Narwhal01

See the elusive and mythical narwhal: the unicorn of the sea! Experience the spring floe edge to view Arctic wildlife and icebergs under the midnight sun.

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