“People have tried forever to predict the start of the Great Migration. But the animals’ instinct will forever remain a secret. No year is ever the same, which is why we love it.”

One of the greatest spectacles on the planet the Great Migration. The scale and number of animals is colossal. This has become one of the best and most sort after safari destinations – Serengeti Safari Camp.

Follow the Great Migration as it crosses the grasslands of Northern Tanzania in one of the few fly camps that is situated within the Serengeti National Park.

It has been increasing difficult to leave these areas as they were hundreds of years ago. It is very important to us that we remain an entity which promotes sustainable tourism.

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Ngorongoro crater

“Standing on the edge of Eden.”

Experience one of the highlights of Tanzania in a secluded and carved out camp accessed by its own private road. Seeing wildlife in this unique place is spoken about and etched onto bucket lists – Entamanu Ngorongoro.

The Crater holds history from a bye gone era where insights into the first human inhabitants and what their life must have been like. Watching the sun rise over the crater and setting over the southern plains of the Serengeti is a truly wonderful experience.

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Mahale National Park

“My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature.”

Jane Goodall

Within 1613 square kilometres of this National Park there are no roads. There are only the paths of the animals that have been living here for thousands of years. The limited access by boat gives you a real sense of seclusion.

The chimp experience here is world class. Hearing their calls ahead and tracking them down can take hours. Then as if they had been watching us they appear. Not just one or two but the whole group. Surrounded. Sitting slowly down you feel their acceptance. Then they are ready to move again. Up and off you go watching as the youngsters play and squabble. Passing you is the Alpha male. He knows your heart is pounding and as if for fun briefly stops and looks in your direction. Within you a shaken awareness of your inner human instinct comes to the surface. A brief moment shared and then gone, broken by the calls of the others playing and moving through their forest – Greystoke Mahale.

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Katavi Game Reserve

“An outpost in the far west of Tanzania about as far away from tourists as you could possible get.”

Nomad Tanzania

As an untouched corner of Tanzania the wilderness gives this park a truly authentic experience. Consisting of delta grasslands in the summer and fragile seasonal river systems in the winter creating a game viewing experience completely its own and different to the rest of Tanzania.

In the dryer months of winter game is centred on these fragile rivers and drying up pools of water become inundated with hippo and crocodiles. In the driest of these months’ lion and buffalo interaction is at its best.

This is wild like you have never seen it before – Chada Katavi.

Chada Katavi017
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Ruaha Game Reserve
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Helen Keller.

Ruaha has the greatest diversity of any of the National Parks within Tanzania. Boasting healthy populations of many of the larger animal such as Lions, Elephants and a great density of Baobabs. A truly magical and breath taking place.

Hidden within the wilder areas of this park are Roan, Sable, Eland, Greater and Lesser Kudu antelope. If you are really lucky you may encounter the African Wild Dog.

The wildlife depends on the flow of the Ruaha River which then flows into the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve.

The landscape contains low lying hills rising to the escarpment which forms part of the Great Rift Valley. A real vestige of prime wilderness that is difficult to match.

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Selous Game Reserve
“I am an African, not because I was born in Africa, but
because Africa is born in me.”

As the Ruaha River flows into the Rufiji River we enter the expanse of the Selous National Park. Known around the world for some the best walking safaris on the continent, this bit of paradise will be enjoyed by all nature enthusiasts.

The freedom offered to guests here is unparalleled. Enjoy an evening out under the stars in a fly camp exclusively for you. Take a relaxing boat ride down the river while watching the setting sun and enjoy the evening chorus of hippos, night-jars and perhaps the whoop of the hyena.

Places where Africa is still wild an be found here. The area does not have as many lodges as in the more popular National Parks and so your game drive may just be you. No one else but you to enjoy your sightings of the wonderful an bountiful creatures that call this place home.

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