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To Experience the Greatest Show on Earth. It is a window into one of nature’s most truly wild and awe-inspiring events. It highlights the beauty of life in its illustration of millions of Wildebeests traveling Africa’s Savannahs in search of water and all life that it creates. There are also thousands of Zebra and Gazelle which follow a similar route. We were truly moved by our first experience of the Migration and at any chance head back to see it.

Our main concerns were trying to avoid the crowds but also to be a part of an operation that has the interests of the animals and the ecosystem in mind. It is not an easy measure and it has taken some time to find these operators. There are really two ways in which to experience this phenomenon. You plan as carefully as you can and choose a fixed lodge that is on the path of the Migration at a certain time. Or you stay in a mobile camp that moves with the herd.

It can be very difficult to plan such a venture and predict the exact location of the herd in any given year and neither we nor our operators make guarantees that herds are in an exact location. But we have partnered with one of the original operators that began following the migration years ago to try their best to get people as close to the Migration as possible. They also have camps across Tanzania. Find out more here.


If you want to catch the Migration then you will need to go during the best times. Please enquire with us as to the best time.

The rate varies Per Person Per Night Sharing. This price may vary depending on the season and operator quotes.

Includes: Accommodation, three meals a day, drinks (except Champagne, Premium wines), shared activities, laundry, and transfers from the nearest Airstrip.

Excludes Transfers beyond the nearest airstrip, private activities, park entry fees, park concession fees, and gratuities.

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