Book a special safari? CM Travels fulfills your travel dreams!
Booking a trip to Africa today can be difficult. The number of organisers’ and offers are varied and sometimes include safari tours. These can sometimes be booked cheaper, but do not always keep what the customer was promised. Not infrequently, the eagerly awaited safari is a disappointment.

If you do not want to be unsatisfied with the usual package deals and want to book a special safari, then you are in the right place at CM Travels: We will put together an individual trip for you, tailoring to your wishes. Let us know your ideas and let us make you a customised offer! Within a short time you will receive a response with prices for your special safari.


Across the Kruger National Park: an absolute highlight
There are holiday trips that are remembered for ever. A special safari in the Kruger National Park organized by CM Travels is an experience you will not forget. 

The untouched wilderness with its unique atmosphere captivates the visitor from the very first second. If you allow us on a special safari through the world-famous game reserve, you will see animals that are otherwise only found in zoological gardens or larger zoos. 

The flora of the Kruger National Park is as unique as its wildlife: the park is divided into several eco-zones and houses well over 300 bird species. During your stay you will be accommodated in comfortable lodges where you can enjoy a variety of amenities.

Mashatu Camp in Botswana: Experience pure nature.
Anyone who has ever been to Mashatu Camp in Botswana feels the need to return there. The camp is located in the Tuli Game Reserve in the far east of Botswana. A special safari in this area is an experience for the senses – we do not promise you too much!

The Mashatu Lodge is luxuriously appointed and provides perfect conditions for wildlife viewing due to its location. From your bed you can look through a large wall of windows, where animals often pass by and head for the waterhole in front of the main building. On the grounds there is a museum with an aquarium, animal skeletons, archaeological artifacts and well-declared natural findings. In addition to the safaris in a four-wheel drive vehicle you are also offered walking safaris. One thing is certain: If you are interested in a truly special safari, you can be assured that the Tuli Game Reserve is the right place for you.

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