CM Travels Jaguars Safari

Jaguars and Giant River Otters

Jaguar in Brazils Northern Pantanal

We thought we should show case some of the images from our trip to Brazils Pantanal to try and find Jaguars! We spotted this impressive male Jaguar while trying to avoid the crowds on the main channels and actually photographing the wonderful Giant River Otters! He has a very distinguishable scar through his left cheek which reveals his large canine. A wonderful specimen and an incredibly lucky chance to spend the next 15 minutes with just us.


Before our wonderful guide Andre let the rest of the boats know and join us watching this amazing creature cruise the water ways. If ever there was a chance to go back we most definitely would and we highly recommend this destination. We vouch for Andre and Leen! We believe in there ethos and their business model which supports and employs the local people. With out which these creature would disappear. Look forward to a week of our photos on this amazing trip!

CM Travels: Photographic Safari | Brazil | Jaguars

As there is not a jaguar around every corner of the river. Your senses slowly become attuned to the entire ecosystem which makes up this wonderful place The Pantanal! With some superb guiding, hard work, patience and luck we identified and spotted all of the local king fisher species! Pictured here is a female Green-and-Rufous Kingfisher. One of the 5 species in the area. Day 2 of our Epic Pantanal Trip!

CM Travels: Photographic Safari | Brazil | Kingfisher

Our mid week break down! Taking our feet for a walk around this amazing area really opens your eyes to just what an epic destination this place is! The people, culture and animals that call this place home! Pictured here is CM Travels Co Founder Claudia taking a sneaky a pic of some young Greater Rhea which have over time become more habituated to people. This has been done through responsible tourism show cased by off camera guide Andre making sure that we are not being a danger to the animals or disturbing them. Allowing us to get some great front angle shots while not getting in the direct line of these weird and wonderful birds! Fun fact – they are distant relative of the Emu and Ostrich.

CM Travels: Photographic Safari | Brazil | Jaguar

As we have explored the greater ecosystem and its inhabitants we can’t help but be lured back to the forest! Motion blur can be a tricky business! We like our images to tell a story. Sparking a curiosity within the viewer. The large scar across the cheek of this Jaguar really makes him stand out. It is an individual that is engraved in our memory. His tales of survival to become the dominant male clearly revealed in not only this facial scar but nasal scaring along side some claw marks through his coat. What tales he could tell us.

CM Travels: Photographic Safari | Brazil | Jaguars

To round up this weeks voyage into the Pantanal we have a Blue Crowned Motmot. This amazing bird occurs away from the wetland of the Pantanal up in the Cerra. We headed to the Savannah to find him. It was a trip well worth it. Luck happened to be on our side when he flew a short distance into a sunlight patch where I snapped a quick pic! Knowing that I had captured something I simply lay back and took the binoculars. While sitting on the ground in a small valley grove we had felt we had a better understanding of the environment we had walked into a week ago. Had we seen everything? Most definitely not… Will we be back?


YES! We hope you have enjoyed this week in Brazils Pantanal! See more of this amazing package on the website or if you have any questions we would be happy to help you out! Thanks again! Cheers from the CM Travels Team. All of the photos were taken by us while on this amazing trip!

CM Travels: Photographic Safari | Brazil | MotMot

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