Book a Kruger National Park Safari with CM Travels

Book a Kruger National Park Safari with CM Travels

For most tourists to South Africa, a Kruger National Park safari is a once in a lifetime experience. CM Travels is committed to providing unforgettable safaris and open vehicle game drives to the Kruger Park, ensuring that your african holiday is a memorable one. Please visit our page „Southern Africa“ to learn more about your travel options.

Experience the Thrill of the African Bush

A Kruger National Park safari with CM Travels is a rare opportunity for you to feel the thrill of the African bush in absolute luxury, as well as exploring a rich cultural experience. You will see a great variety of wildlife and habitats when you visit the amazing sites of this phenomenal reserve. The Greater Kruger National Park covers around 2 million hectares and is the largest game reserve in South Africa. In fact, it is roughly the same size and shape as either Wales or Israel! It stretches 350 km from north to south and 60 km from east to west. More than 1 million individuals per year visit this sublime park.

Kruger National Park Wildlife Facts

Kruger Park has an amazing variety of wildlife with all safari animals present. All the big cats are found here. One of the most unforgettable experiences of your Kruger National Park safari is hearing the roar of a lion at night. Inside and out there are around 2,000 types of plants and 500 types of feathered creatures of which 250 are inhabitants. For those interested in viewing the “Big Five”, the park has an estimated 12,000 elephants, 1,500 lions, 2,500 buffaloes, 1,000 leopards and 5,000 rhinos (black and white). Two rare species to look out for during your Kruger National Park safari are the roan and sable.

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