See the Borneo Orangutan in the Wild – with CM Travels

See the Borneo Orangutan in the Wild – with CM Travels

The Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan is one of the best places in Indonesia to see the famous Borneo orangutan. CM Travels offers you the chance to see both wild and habituated Borneo orangutans as well as many other species of the rainforest – including Proboscis monkeys, Gibons and countless bird species.

Seeing a Borneo Orangutan is an Experience You Will Never Forget

The Borneo orangutan, the largest tree-climbing mammal and the only great ape to be found in Asia, is a highly intelligent species with very long and strong arms that may reach up to 1.5 meters in length. They not only build tools to help them find food – they also have been seen using leaves as a napkin, gloves to handle spiky fruit, or even a makeshift cover-up when it rains. It is estimated that around one third of its population was lost during the 1997/1998 forest fires that swept across Indonesia. Seeing a Borneo Orangutan in the wild is an experience you will surely never forget!

Discover the Coolest Way to See the Famous Borneo Orangutan

A 4 day/3 nights tour of the Seikonyer River (starting from $625 per person) is the coolest way to see the almost extinct Borneo orangutan in the wild. You stay at a comfortably equipped houseboat („klotok“) which is named after the noise that the boat makes as it travels – ‘klok tok tok tok’. Binoculars in one hand, camera in the other, you will cruise through the national parks’ dense forest and mangrove swamps, spotting its inhabitants such as macaques, crocodiles, hornbills and, of course, the famous Borneo orangutan. To learn more, visit our page „Indonesia“ or contact us at or by phone (+41 77 520 79 04).

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